Introducing foundit’s

Talent Placement Services

Talent Placement Services (TPS) is a specialized recruitment service available to select firms looking for foundit recruitment experts to facilitate their unique hiring needs across India, Middle East and South East Asia

90% Recruitments handled in-house

Average TAT: 2 - 5 Working Days

Leverage 25+ foundit sourcing partnerships

Corporate & EdTech candidate sourcing partners


Who is TPS for?

This service is for you, if you

Are on a growth spree, looking to hire 10x

Want to maintain a lean internal talent acquisition team

Are looking for curated, quality candidates to improve the funnel

Are hiring for multiple openings for a similar role

Need hiring experts with wide networks across industries and functions

What does TPS offer?

A curated list of intent verified as well as pre-assessed candidates for you  

In-house team of experts and specialist recruiters who effortlessly become your extended TA team

One of a kind partner network and curated database for quality candidates across role types

Pre-assessed pool for select job roles in software engineering and data analyst roles

Expertise across software technology and specialised non-technical roles

Flexible engagement and payment models: pay per offer, pay per interview, & pay per hire

Deep understanding in matching candidates and companies due to founit’s core business

How does TPS help you?

TPS seeks to address the age-old dilemma of recruiters and firms-sourcing efficiently while providing a quality pool of talent which consists of intent verified and/or pre-assessed candidates.


Intent Verified Candidates

Our team of hiring experts' sources and curates qualified candidates and also verifies their intent of joining your company


Pre-assessed Candidates

We are preparing a pool of pre-assessed candidates for software engineering and data analyst roles in the 0-4 yrs experience range, who have gone through our assessments

Recruiters: foundit sources and curates candidates that are best fit for the role and organization

Candidates: foundit ensures candidates stays engaged and informed throughout the recruitment process

TPS: Clients

Save time and efforts, and better your productivity with foundit TPS!
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